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We’re looking for the best compact circular saw on the market. The circular saw is very popular and useful for both the novice DIY homeowner as well as professionals in the building field. It is used to cut various materials such as tile, masonry, wood and metals and has the nickname of buzz saw. Some call it a Skil saw because Skil is one of the most popular brands of these saws. There are cordless circular saws, most common sizes are 5 3/8 and 6 ½ as well as corded models, of which the most common size is 7 1/4”.

Best Compact Circular Saw

Best Compact Circular Saw





Types of Circular Saws

In-Line Saws

The in line saw is designed where the motor sits perpendicular to the blade and a shaft runs from the motor to the blade. The inline models are the most common circular saws and works great for cutting most types of materials. They require no regular maintenance, only to change blades.


Worm Drive Saws

Worm drive saws are used for bigger jobs and are more heavy duty type circular saw models. In the Worm Drive model the motor sits parallel to the blade and runs on a gear to boost the torque employed in the blade. These saw models are heavier than in line models, cost more and need regular maintenance, like adding oil into the motor which involves unscrewing one screw. Again the brand name that springs to mind is Skilsaw, partly due to their successful product ranges including the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10″ Portable Worm Drive Table Saw with 25″ Rip Capacity which is one of the best machines available. You can read more about the SPT70WT here.

Drop Saws

Also known as a power miter saws or cutoff saw even a chop saw, these are electric powered miter saws in laymans terms. But then again, you already know that if you’re here on this site of ours.

Best Compact Circular Saw Features

Electric Brakes

The electric brake feature, that reverses the electricity flow to the saw motor is one of the most, if not the most important features of circular saws. In general, safety is one of the most important concerns when using any kind of power tools, and especially those that have a big sharp blade attached to them that can do some real damage to human bodies. On circular saws electric brakes halt the motor within 2 seconds after releasing the trigger, as compared to the models that do not come with electric brakes which will take about 10 to 15 seconds to stop. This feature is not standard, you have to choose models of circular saws that have electric brakes, and this is one of those features that is a no brainer considering the safety concerns.

Shaft Locks

Shaft locks are mechanism that hold the blade still while changing blades. This feature is not usually available with cheaper saws but comes in handy.

Blade Capacity

Because circular saws come in different blade sizes you have to choose a size when buying a circular saw, generally most buy a 7 1/4 for corded saws and 6 1/2 for cordless models.

Types of Circular Saw Blades

The blade of the saw is probably the most important part because it is the part that does the actual cutting. There are many types of saws for various jobs.

Steel Blades

These are relatively the most cheap types of saw blades and are used for cutting softer wood materials, when used for the hardwoods they usually dull these types of blades too quickly.

Carbide Blades

These are made of carbide a much stronger material and so cost more and stay sharper longer than steel.

Ceramic Tile Blades

These are blades made specifically for cutting ceramic tile.

Masonry Blades

These blades are made from abrasive materials specifically designed to cut a variety of masonry materials, such as brick, concrete, cinder block and others.


So once you’ve discovered which is the best compact circular saw all you need to do next is decide on which blades you’re going to need for your next project.

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