Bosch CM12 Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

Bosch Miter Saw Reviews

The Bosch CM12 is as the model name suggests, a 12” single bevel miter saw, which is highly Bosch CM12portable and has center of gravity optimized for accurate cuts. The blade can be adjusted to work at a wide range of bevel angels and it has nine different adjustable miter detents.

The portable machine can be carried around with one hand and perfect for moving around the place on the jobsite. The tool comes with a good set of features that enables you to use the Bosch CM12 for work such as trim carpentering, woodwork, stair building, deck building and a myriad of house re-modeling works.

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A closer look at the Bosch CM12

Design and features

The Bosch CM12 weighs around 43 pounds — even though it comes with a one-handed carrying option, it might be hard to move the thing about because of the weight. The 12 inch miter saw has 40 sharp teeth and is made of robust carbide tipped blade.

In the package you find the machine, the blade, a dust collector and a wrench that could be employed when you want to change the blade. It has a good all around cutting capacity and cut as deep as 8 inches in press cuttings and as deep as 6 inches when used at a wide angle of 45 degrees. Adjusting the miter and bevel angle is pretty straight-forward, as well.

Bosch CM12 miter saw Bosch-CM12-3a

The very first thing that one will notice on the CM12 is the safety trigger, which could be easily activated with just a flip of a thumb. The Bosch’s propriety sliding base extensions could be easily added to the machine to further increase the functionality of the machine. All accessories are built by Bosch and are accurately built to work will the tool.

Bevel and miter

There is a bevel lock lever located on the right side of the tool. You don’t have to worry about blindly search for the lock lever behind the machine. The blade leans to the left – the bevel stops located on the left of the saw enables you to set a stop over a wide range of angles.

The CM12 also has 10 detents make it easy to adjust the miter to the most commonly used angles. If you intent to go free-style you can make use of the detect override. Once the desired miter or bevel angle is set, make sure to lock the miter lock knob and you are ready to roll.


The blade spins at a maximum RPM of 4300 powered by a 15 Amp motor that can work tirelessly for hours. It also provides enough power to cut through anything that is made out of wood.

Additional features

There is a large miter scale on the Bosch CM12 which is easy to read with clear markings at 52 degrees to the left and right. There is also a bevel scale with clear markings at 47 degrees. Both these scales are necessary to change the miter and bevel angles on your tool.

In addition to that, the CM12 has 9 adjustable miter detents. The press down handle is quite comfortable to use even after long hours of use. The vacuum ready dust collector helps you collects all the saw dust.

The Bosch CM12 is a highly robust and versatile machine that is intelligently designed for easy maneuvering and transportation. This saw can take care of all your cutting needs efficiently. It does not have many moving parts and it doesn’t slide or glide over rails, however, this is the main reason the tool is easy to carry around.


Last thoughts on the Bosch CM12

Bosch is well known for building robust power tools that are of a really high standard, and the CM12 is certainly no exception to this. In fact, there is very little, if anything to find wrong with this miter saw. It has been designed with the user in mind, and everything is placed on and around the saw accordingly.

The saw has a really solid feel to it also, so when you need to cut larger pieces of material you will have a really solid base to work on. The Bosch CM12 is an excellent miter saw, and a great option for the professional and home user.



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