Hitachi C12RSH 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Hitachi Miter Saw Reviews

Sliding compound miter saws such as the Hitachi C12RSH are considered superior to chop saws Hitachi C12RSHand even the average miter saw, without the slide feature. It is an ideal machine making angled cuts on wood that could be used for house building works as well as furniture and cabinet work.

One could buy the Hitachi C12RSH if they are looking for a feature filled saw to fit in their small work shop. It has a small form-factor despite the slide and the large blade. There are also not many miter saws on the market in this price range that are equipped with a laser, which can make things easy for you when you want to do a lot of identical cuts.

Key features of the Hitachi C12RSH

Design and features

The compact slide system is what that makes the Hitachi C12RSH a competent saw. With the help of the slide system, the saw head could be moved along a fixed rail. They greatly help eliminating the necessity for back clearance.

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The 12 inch TCT blade cuts deeper. In most miter saw with 10 inch blades, you will probably have to flip the wood since they can’t typically cut deeper than 6 inches. However the 12 inch saw cuts deeper than 6 inches and the cuts are more accurate.

The power tool is designed to be moved around easily, as the main tools are secured by means of a simple locking pin. The Hitachi C12RSH is slightly on the heavy side and weighs round 64 pounds. The additional weight maybe because of the sliding system and the larger blade – most of the 12 inch saws only weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.

Hitachi C12RSHHowever, it really doesn’t matter if you wish to anchor it to a strong table. With this weight comes added stability, and you will find that you have a really solid base to work on when performing different cuts. This helps to provide accuracy and consistency in your work.

Cutting angles

The tool is factory configured and is adjusted for 0 degree, right angle, left 45 bevel cutting, and right 45 degree angle cutting. The angles can be further adjusted according to your cutting needs. One doesn’t have to bother moving the material in place and quickly flip the saw blade along 0 to 45 degree bevel angle to the left and right. The machine also has a miter angle range of 0 to 57 to the right and 0 to 46 to the left.

Built in laser

The built-in laser is also a feature that sets this power tool apart from its competitors. Depending on the cutting need, the laser line is aligned with the left side of the blade or the ink line present on the right. The laser line is also pre-configured in the factory and adjusted to the width of the saw blade.

Hitachi C12RSH review

The laser on the Hitachi C12RSH is not clearly visible in bright lighting conditions. So if you are working outside during the day or you have the machine installed by the window, it might be hard to use the laser feature effectively.


The 15 Amp motor has ample power to push through everything that is thrown at it. The smoothHitachi-C12RSH-3a belt driven motor is also very quiet. The motor can generate a no-load speed of nearly 3800 RPM which is sufficient to cut through hard wood and aluminum sashes like butter.

Press cutting, slide cutting or bevel cutting the Hitachi C12RSH can take care of all your cutting needs and work on a wide range of material like, raw timber, decorative panels, ply, aluminum sashes and hard boards.

Last thoughts on the Hitachi C12RSH

This powerful, yet compact miter saw will really help you work on a wide variety of materials and use a range of cuts. It is very easy to use, and the built-in laser really gives you that added feature to cut accurately each time.

Adjusting the angles for each cut is very easy, and the micro-adjustments will allow you to get the exact angle you need for every individual cut. Although this saw is a little heavier than others in its class, Hitachi has designed it with a convenient carrying handle to make moving it that much easier. Overall, the Hitachi C12RSH is a really solid miter saw and a great option at this price.



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