Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review

Makita Miter Saw Reviews

The Makita LS1221 is equipped with a 12 inch blade, and is a compound miter saw that is packedMakita LS1221with a lot of features. It has the power to be employed for a wide range of works like, woodworking, framing, house construction, deck building, cabinetry, etc. Aligned perfectly in the factory, the LS1221 can give you the cleanest press and miter cuts. The motor has the juice to smoothly penetrate even the denser hardwoods.

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The LS1221 is considered to be a true production warhorse by many of its existing owners. If you think the sliding saws are expensively priced and the ones with 10” blades do not quite have the power, you could go for the Makita LS1221 which is competitively priced for all the features packed into this tool, and it comes with a 12 inch blade too.

Features of the Makita LS1221 compound miter saw

The tool is well-built and the 15 Amp direct-drive motor makes it possible to overcome slips and bogs which are quite commonly seen in belt-drive miter saws. For a 12 inch miter saw the tool could still be considered light.

To have a more secure grip of the work-piece, the vertical and the horizontal vise can be used. Both the vertical and horizontal vise can be installed in both the left and right side. The vise along with holder assembly secures the work-piece in place so that they are no slips and mistakes.

Makita LS1221 miter saw

The tool is extremely versatile and could be employed for wide variety of cutting styles, like press cutting, miter cutting, bevel cut, compound cutting, crown cutting and cove moldings. The Makita LS1221 also has the power to cut aluminum extrusions.

While cutting aluminum, Makita advises one to use cutting lubricant on the blade to prevent build-up of material. There is also a sawdust collection bag and blade-guard retracting arm that helps prevent retraction off blade during the cutting process.

Safety features

The blade guard is one safety feature that could be found in most of the miter saws, but apart from the blade guard, the LS1221 comes with a lot of other safety features like, lock off button. The lock-off button is used to prevent unintended starting of the machine since miter saws in general are very dangerous. One more safety feature found in this tool is the electric-blade-brake, which engages when the blade doesn’t stop spinning even after the trigger is released.

Adjusting the cutting angles

The tool is aligned and adjusted in the factory, but it might lose its alignment if it is roughly handled. The alignment can always be corrected easily, which involves only a few steps.

Makita-LS1221-3a Makita-LS1221-4a Makita-LS1221-5a

To align the tool at the right miter angle, the grip should be loosened that holds the turn base in place. Now that the turn base can be moved, it could be positioned to 0 degree in the miter notch. It should be made sure that, the pointer points to 0 degree on the scale.

Adjusting the bevel angle is quite easy on the Makita LS1221. It can be done by loosening the lever and tilting the blade and locking it in the desired angle. If you tilt the blade fully to the left the blade will be set at 45 degrees, which is the maximum bevel angle.

Makita-LS1221-6aThe Makita LS1221 is quite competitively priced and comes with positive stops at nine settings. The light yet powerful tool comes with 32 tooth carbide blade which can last a really long time. The tool also comes with one year manufacturer warranty, just in case.

Final thoughts on the Makita LS1221

The LS1221 from Makita requires very little configuring, and is accurate to use right out of the box. It holds its settings well, and you will find that you can really make extremely accurate and clean cuts with it. The saw is easy to handle, even though it packs a lot of power. The 12 inch blade will give you a lot of flexibility as to what you can cut. Overall, the Makita LS1221 is a really well made and a powerful miter saw, and great value for money at its selling price point too.



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