Milwaukee 6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

Milwaukee Miter Saw Reviews

The Milwaukee 6955-20 is quite accurate with its digital miter that could measure to 1/10 of a Milwaukee 6955-20degree. The cutting action is stable and firm and the slide mechanism works smoothly. This dual bevel compound miter saw has a 15 Amps motor that drives the 12 inch blade.

It is a real beast weighing 79 lbs without and well over 100 lbs with the stand. This is definitely not for light do-it-yourselfers and contractors who are looking for a miter saw that they want to carry with them to and from the jobsite. This saw is best when perched on a strong table or a work bench.

Due to the weight and robust design of the Milwaukee 6955-20, you will love the solid feel that it provides for you to work on. It is great for larger pieces of material, and the solidity that it provides is ideal for more accurate and consistent cuts.

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A closer look at the Milwaukee 6955-20

Motor drive

The heart of the Milwaukee 6955-20 is a robust 15 Amp motor that can produce a maximum power output of 3.3 horse power to the 12 inch blade. The mighty 12 inch blade rotates at a maximum speed of 3,200 RPM.

Design and features

The Milwaukee 6955-20 comes with Constant-Power-Technology along with Soft-Start, which helps provide steady cutting speed even under heavy load. This also helps reduce start up head movement. The electronic feedback control system in the saw helps increase the life and improves the operation of the tool.

Milwaukee 6955-20 review

The primary feature of the EFCC is that, the motor will deliver constant output between load and no-load conditions. The tool is pretty heavy when compared to many of its competitors, weighing a little below 79 pounds. It is equipped with multiple carrying handles; one just above the saw head and one on each side of the table. Once locked down, it might take 2 people to conveniently carry the thing around.

The electric brake in the Milwaukee engages as soon as the trigger is released causing the rotating blade to come to a halt. If you are working outdoors after sunset or if your workshop is rather dark, the high power lights present on both the side of the blade illuminates the cutting area.

The saw dust is collected using the 2 dust present on either side of the machine. The dust bags also come with zipper on the bottom to easily empty the waste.

Milwaukee-6955-20-3aMiter angles

The steel plate in the Milwaukee 6955-20 can take all the abuse of every day sawing. The plates come with detents and are highly durable and deliver great accuracy over and over. Once the miter angle lock knob is loosened, the miter angle could be set using the numerous detents in the plate.

Some of the most commonly used angles are 45 (max), 15, 31.62 and 22.5 degrees on the left and up to 60 degrees on the right. It has a miter range of 60 degrees to the right side and 55 on the left. The high quality bearing assists with turning the blade easily over the miter ranger on the scale.

Dual bevel system

The dual bevel system enables you to quickly and accurately adjust either to the left or right. The Milwaukee-6955-20-5afollowing angles, 0, 45, 33.85 and 22.5 degrees can be set on right and left. Although 0 to 45 seem like the range of angle, there are also several degrees of over-travel if you wish to set the bevel beyond 45 degrees.

Although the Milwaukee 6955-20 is bit on the heavy side, the tool has a good set of features and a powerful motor. For building contractors and woodworkers hunting for a tough professional saw with 12 inch blade with slides, this could be the right one.

Last thoughts on the Milwaukee 6955-20

If you need a heavy-duty miter saw, that is fully capable of getting through some really big workloads, then the 6955-20 from Milwaukee is a great choice. It is extremely accurate, with the digital fine adjustment features really enabling you to cut at the exact angle you need.

This is a big saw, not the easiest to carry around. But it is very stable to work with. The Milwaukee 6955-20 is a very good quality miter saw, and very durable too, so you can fully expect to get a lot of usage from this tool. Without doubt this is a good, solid & reliable saw.



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